Submit your LFP Patient Panel

Enrolled in the Longitudinal Family Physician (LFP) payment model? Whether or not you bill with us, you can upload and submit your patient panel to MSP securely through Dr.Bill. This is a complimentary service for practitioners enrolled in the LFP model.

We're here to help

Dr.Bill, MSP and Doctors of BC have worked together to provide a secure and easy way for you to submit your LFP patient panel to MSP. Simply follow the steps outlined below and reach out to us with any questions along the way.

How to submit your LFP panel

1. Sign up for Dr.Bill

Create a Dr.Bill account to get started with your LFP panel submission. You don’t need to bill with us in order to submit your patient panel to MSP. During signup, make sure to check the box that indicates you wish to upload your patient panel. (Need to upload a patient panel for more than one facility ID? Please contact before signing up for Dr.Bill.)

2. Import a file of your empanelled patients

On the Patient Panel page, follow the instructions to import your file.

3. Review your patient panel and submit

After you import your file, you will have the opportunity to review your patient panel before it gets sent to MSP. You will see two tabs: Valid Patients and Invalid Patients. Valid patients have passed an initial data entry check and are ready to submit to MSP. Invalid patients may have data entry errors or missing information. You can correct these errors by fixing the information in your original file, and re-importing the updated document.

You’re done! MSP will review your submission

Based on volumes, MSP will review your patient panel and provide a response. Once MSP reviews your panel, you will receive a confirmation email. If any issues are identified, you will be able to log back in to your patient panel on Dr.Bill to access specific feedback from MSP and address any concerns. Please note, at this time you will not be able to edit or alter any patients who have been accepted by MSP.

We know LFP billing!

Need a reliable billing service? With your patient panel uploaded to Dr.Bill, it’s seamless to start billing with us.

Start with a $150 credit*

No credit card or commitment required

  • Bill quickly and accurately
    Submit claims in seconds from your phone or desktop.
  • Stay on top of your revenue
    Keep track of your earnings and claims at a glance.
  • Enjoy expert support
    Get help selecting codes whenever you’re in doubt on our Comprehensive Plan.


Can I cancel Dr.Bill at any time?
+ -

Yes. To cancel your account, contact our support team and we’ll close it down. Keep in mind that you’re only charged when you bill through our platform. If you’re taking a break or simply don’t need to use Dr.Bill right now, you can keep your account active and just use it when you need it.

What is the cost of Dr.Bill if I decide to continue after my credit is depleted?
+ -

Following the depletion of your billing credit, you can continue on our Comprehensive Plan at a price of 1.95% of paid claims per billing cycle. 

You also have the option of switching to another one of our Dr.Bill Plans. Simply contact us to make the switch.

Are there any other fees?
+ -

Our only additional fee beyond the cost of your plan is for specialty insurance claims such as Federal Inmates and Blue Cross. There is an additional 25% admin fee for these claims.

How do I get paid?
+ -

You get paid directly through the Ministry of Health. You can set up direct deposit through the Dr.Bill platform so that payment goes directly to your bank account. Alternatively, the Ministry will send you a cheque in the mail.